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Blue Dicks & the View from Lewis Hill

Hiking up Lewis Hill

Striped Adobe Lilies

Hikers on top of Lewis Hill w/ Backdrop of the Sierra

White Shooting Star

Striped Adobe Lily

Lewis Hill Adobe Lily

The inside of an Adobe Lily

Lichen-covered rock on Lewis Hill

View of Porterville from Lewis Hill

Wild Onion

Poppy on Lewis Hill

Lichen covered rocks on Lewis Hill

Blue Dicks on Lewis Hill

Hiking down Lewis Hill

Crack Destroyer

Clover Meadow 06-28-2008

Packsaddle Grove 06-28-2008

This is a view of Slate...

This is a view of Slate...

Carpets of kinnick kinnick...

This is a view looking...

Twisselmann's Buckwheat, a very rare flower

Unexpected Larkspur, a very rare flower

Frog Meadow 08-09-2008

Peel Peak 06-29-2008

Peel Peak 06-29-2008

Peel Peak 06-29-2008

Jordan Peak

View looking north from Jordan Peak

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Viewing: 1-30 of 8073