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Midget Barrel on Guardian

Beavertail on Guardian

Mojave Aster on Guardian

Phacelias in wash near Guardian

Guardian Ridge in Distance

Cliffs Bound the Ridge Route

Bighorn Skull

Tracy on Hamblin Mtn.

24k Topo Map of Boulder Peak Hike

Back of Sentinel, from Boulder Ridge

View N across Pinto Valley, from Boulder

Map (100k) of Guardian Area

Map (24k) of Guardian Ridge

Geologic Map of Guardian Area

Wash 1.5 miles in (Guardian Hike)

Wash at 2.5 miles

Tribute to BigBendBetty

Bird-poop-covered Summit Cairn

The approach to Guardian Peak

Small arch

Summit Vistas from Guardian Peak

Summit Vistas

Alternate Guardian Routes

View from Guardian

The Guardian from Pyramid

Booth Pinnacle from Pyramid

Lake Mead at the Narrows

Pyramid from Booth

Don't Stumble

Sentinel in the distance, en route to Guardian Peak

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