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View South from Yazghil Sar's summit towards the Hispar Muztagh

Kunyang Chhish and Pumari Chhish massifs

The Kunyang Chhish massif from Bitanmal on the north side of the Hispar Glacier.

The Hispar and Jutmo glaciers

Steve House and Vince Anderson's Route up the SW face of Kunyang Chhish East

Kunyang Chhish East (left) and an unnamed peak (right) above the Pumari Chhish glacier

SW Face of Unclimbed Kunyang Chhish East (7431m)

South-West Face of Kunyang Chhish East

Trivor sar 7,577 m

Momhil Sar 7343m

The Kunyang Chhish Massif from the South

South Faces of the Pumari Chhish massif

The Pumori Chhish peaks from the Jutmo glacier

Prominant unnamed peak seen above Pumari Chhish glacier

Pumari Chhish 7492m

Distaghil Sar 7885m

North Face of Makrong Chhish (6607m) from Bitanmal

Porters of Hispar

Approaching Faloling Chhish

Campsite on the east side of the Pumari Chhish Glacier

Kunyang Chhish, Karakoram

Bularung Sar

Makrong Chhish

Faloling Chhish

Faloling Chhish Routes

Icicles on Faloling Chhish

Kunyang Glacier

Kunyang Chhish

Attempt on Faloling Chhish

Dastegir Peak, Pakistan

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