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Hunza valley as viewed from...


Landslide on the Nagar road close to the KKH

Diran Peak 7,257 m

Baltit Fort and Ultar Peak 7388 -M(24,239 feet)

Baltit Fort and Ulter Peak 7388-M Hunza Pakistan

Hunza Valley

Ultar Peak (7388m)

Storm clearing from Diran

Hunza Valley Panorama

Porter and Donkey

Pinnacles on the Minapin Glacier

Kees and Porter

Ultan Peak, Hunza Pakistan

Shaltar Peak

Rakaposhi 7788m

Diran from Karimabad

Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Bublimating 6000m & Lady Finger

Diran Routes

Diran 7257m(centre) & Rakaposhi 7788m(Right)

Ganesh Valley Nagar Gigit during Autumn

Ganesh Valley Nagar Gigit during Autumn

Hoper Village Gilgit Baltistan,behind you can see Golden or Spantik Peak 7027-M

Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Hunza Peak

Diran North Face

Dastegir Peak, Pakistan

Meyar Peak, Pakistan

Lady Finger (left) & Hunza Peak (right)

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Viewing: 1-30 of 1142