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Malanguti Glacier from the Shimshal Jeep track

Distaghil Sar,7885m.

Southern face of Bularung Sar (7200m)

South Face of Bularung Sar (7200m)

Ultar Peak, Pakistan

Distaghil Sar 7885m

The Yazghil Domes

Distaghil Sar 7,885m (25,869 ft)

Dastegir Peak, Pakistan

North Face of P 6000

Shimshal Whitehorn at night

North Ridge of Shimshal Whitehorn

Moonlit Shimshal Whitehorn's NW Ridge

Godwin astin Glacier

The East Ridge of Shimshal Whitehorn

On Shimshal Whitehorn

North Face of Shimshal Whitehorn

Head of the Adver Valley above Shimshal

Shifkiten Sar (ca 5700m)

Shimshal Whitehorn from the Shimshal Valley

Karakoram Icicles

South Face of Trivor (7728m)

View South along the Yazghil Glacier to the Hispar Muztagh

Crevasses above base camp

Climbing the icefalls beneath Shimshal Whitehorn's North Face

Short Cut

Cards at Shimshal Whitehorn's base camp

White Horn


White Horn 6303m

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Viewing: 1-30 of 1566