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North face of Point 5800m

Peter approaching the top of the East Ridge of Ghorhil Sar

The East Ridge of Ghorhil Sar

Ghorhil Sar's summit

Summit of Ghorhil Sar

Traversing towards the col

Sunset over Ghorhil Sar

Sunrise from the slopes of Ghorhil Sar

Climbing partner Peter close to the summit

View to Ghorhil Sar (left) from our base camp

East Face of 6000m peak immediately south of Ghorhil Sar

Peak directly about our BC

Approaching our bivi sight at sunset

North Face of P 6055

P 6150

View towards the Lupgar Pir Pass

View towards the Lupgar Pir pass

View North from Ghorhil Sar

South Face of P 6006

North Face of unclimbed Kuk Sar 2 (6925m)

North Face of Lupgar Peak (5816m) at sunrise

Yak Fight



Point 6315m Route

Trek back to Raminj

Trek back to Raminj from Ghorhil Sar's base camp

Upper Batura Peaks


Rock spires above Harkish

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