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Wanda Lake, Muir Pass, The Black Giant & Mount Solomons

Moonrise over The Black Giant

Wanda Pass from the north at sunset

The Black Giant & Mount Solomons over Wanda Lake at sunset

Mt. Huxley from Mt. Fiske

Taken in July 1974,...

Looking up Evolution Creek to...

Wanda Lake Evolution Region...

Flat Wall beyond Saphire...

Upper ford of Evolution Creek...

Lake Helen with Mt Warlow...

Standing atop Muir Pass, in...

Mt Warlow's South ridge; a...

Standing atop Mt Warlow with...

Helen Lake near Muir Pass

Exiting the Ionian Basin

Charybdis, Enchanted Gorge, The Three Sirens & Scylla

Mount Huxley over Sapphire Lake

Solomons Pass, northeast slope

Mount Huxley

Charybdis from the Ionian Basin below Wanda Pass

Mt. Fiske (13,503'), Sierra Nevada

Mt. Fiske (13,503'), Sierra Nevada

Muir Hut

Muir Hut


This was my background forever

Solomons from Muir hut

Muir Hut

Muir Pass and Muir Hut

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Viewing: 1-30 of 14200