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Panorama West from Mount Florence

Vogelsang Lake

Lewis Creek Basin

Mount Florence East Slope

Mount Florence West Ridge

Florence Lake

Mount Florence from the Northwest

Mount Florence East Ridge

Eastern Panorama from Mount Florence

Lewis Creek Basin Panorama

Storm clouds over Mount Florence

Lewis Creek Camp

Sunrise on Mount Florence

Mount Florence and Simmons Peak Route Map

Storms over Lyell

Simmons Peak Vista

Simmons Peak

Dawn on Simmons Peak

Gallison Lake and Simmons Peak

Ireland Lake, July 2004

Simmons Peak from Vogelsang Pass

Simmons Peak from below...

Simmons Peak from Amelia...

Simmons Peak and the North...

The Northwest Face of Simmons...

Veiw of the Southern...

An amazing view from the...

Simmons' North Ridge viewed...

Much of Simmons' North Ridge...

Simmons Peak form One of the Meadows Below

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Viewing: 1-30 of 14439