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Sugarloaf Mountain at sunset...

Sugarloaf Mountain during...

Mt. Rosa and Gold Camp Road...

Sugarloaf Mountain (center),...

Routes for Devils Slide 10100, and St. Peters Dome

Mt Vigil and its two nearby...

The East Face

The Craggy Summit

The west face of Vigil Peak...

The north side of Vigil Peaks...

Zoom shot of the summit of...

Vigil Pk. from the north

Traverse from Vigil to Knights

Map for North Ridge of Mount Vigil

Ranch Registration Building

Trail Sign

Devils Slide from the approach

Vigil Summit Outcrop

Initial easy scramble

Detail of initial scramble

North ridge boulders

Sneaking around to the east

Topping out from the 5th class

Final push into Class 3 terrain

Views west from the summit

Summit register jar

East over the plains

Summit Granite

Colorado Springs from summit

Bolt station

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Viewing: 1-30 of 15581