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Mom and Baby

Chimney of Ruin - Pulpit in Distance

Spruce Mountain from the Trail

Spruce Mountain - near summit

Spruce Mountain - another view from near the summit

View south from summit

Nice formation north of Spruce Mountain

Peak after Peak

Runs-down-fast Mountain Stream Crossing

Runs-down-fast Mountain

Runs-down-fast Mountain

Stream crossing near Runs-down-fast Mountain

Runs-down-fast Mountain South summit route

Runs-down-fast Mountain from Cookstove

Summit Photo Runs-down-fast Mountain

Cookstove from St. Mary's Trail

Cookstove Summit log and stuff

Cookstove from Gold Camp trail

View from Cookstove Mountain

View from Summit of Cookstove

360 Panorama from summit of Mt. Rosa

The Turret

Castle Rock Star

Roxborough State Park

McCurdy Mountain to the North

Route Topo

North Tarryall Peak Area Map

Bald, Guyot and Friends from FS 39

Foster Benchmark

Jen Pierce

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Viewing: 1-30 of 296