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Along the summit ridge

Ridgeline cairn, Soldier Mountain

300U Route Map

Grassy Meadow, looking southwest

Last bit of 300U

In the grassy meadow

Nice footpath toward summit

Soldier Mountain from FS 300U

North toward Mount Deception

Northwest from summit

Pikes Peak from FS 300U

Pikes Peak from grassy meadow

Soldier Mountain

Looking to the west from Soldier Mountain

Pikes Peak in Autumn

Soldier Mountain_Getting There

Soldier Mountain Aspen

Aspen on Soldier Mountain

Golden Aspen along FS 300U

West toward LCW and beyond

Thunder Butte

Chimney up 9343

High Country throug the trees from the summit

Overview & Area Map for Mount Deception

Pikes Peak and Almagre from near the summit of Mount Deception

Pikes Peak beyond the rocky eastern slope

Mt. Deception

Humble summit cairn of Deception Peak

Another view of Devils Head from near the summit of Mount Deception

Tree-framed Devils Head from near summit

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Viewing: 1-30 of 18823