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Hayman Burn Remnants

Pikes Peak from Tappan Mountain

Pilot Peak from Tappan Mountain

Tappan Mountain

Short route!

Southeast down the Tarryall Valley

Tappan Mountain from the South

UN 8906 west of Tappan Mountain

Handpainted Road Sign

Park just below the crest of the ridge

Summit register and marker

Southwest Ridge of Tappan Mountain

West Ridge Route Map

Approaching the summit of Tappan Mountain

Looking east from Tappan Mountain

Frosty Ponderosa Pines

Getting There_Tappan Mountain

Tappan Mountain from UN 8906

Approaching the summit ridge

UN 8906 Getting There Map

Moonrise near the summit

North up Tarryall Valley

Pilot Peak from summit area

Pilot Peak rising above FS 211

Ponderosa fire survivor

Puma Hills from summit area

Rocky summit ridge with deadfall

Route Map, UN 8906

Southwest slopes from streambed

Summit Cairn

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Viewing: 1-30 of 20667