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Approaching Weston Peak Summit

Approaching Weston Peak

Beginning the steep descent

Cross on Weston Peak Slope

Crossing the ridge to Weston Peak

Small purple flowers on Weston Peak

Hump on the ridge to weston

Lamb Mountain & Sheep Mountain from Weston

Looking Southwest from summit cairn

Looking north from the summit

Plum tuckered out

Ptarmigan Peak from Weston Peak

The ridge to Weston Peak

Ruggedly Handsome

The steep return to Weston Pass

Stimpy on the Weston Peak Summit

Stimpy on the Summit of Weston Peak

Looking west from the summit

Weston Peak from the Ridge

Weston Peak from Weston Pass Road

Weston Peak from Weston Pass

Welcome to Weston Pass

Weston Pass Route Map

Weston Pass Getting There Map

Mosquito Range from Weston Pass Road

Approaching Ptarmigan Peak

Ptarmigan Peak from saddle

Ptarmigan Peak summit

Ptarmigan Peak summit cairn

Ptarmigan Peak

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Viewing: 1-30 of 21595