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K2/Daly Saddle

The Ridge to Capitol Peak

Daly Map with Two Routes

Mount Daly from the South

Daly Route and Campsites

Mount Daly, June 2008

The Grass Ramp on approach to East Face Direct Route

Bears are around

Top of "The Grass Ramp"

Camping below Moon Lake


Daly East Face Direct with Route

Mt. Daly East Face Direct route variation via Drainage

Daly trail to Moon Lake from cow pasture

Mt. Daly East Face Route

Lake camp at Moon Lake boulder field

Daly East Face Direct and Variation

Pierre Lakes and Snowmass Mountain, from Capitol Peak

Mt Daly, South Ridge

Mount Daly from below K2

Daly from West Snowmass Trail Junction at the Cow Pasture

Snowmass Mountain from West Ridge of Mt. Clark

Capitol Peak and K2 in the morning

Yunona at the top of Capitol Peak

Yunona on the knife edge returning from Capitol Peak

Capitol Peak

Capitol & Snowmass

Sky Pilot just below the summit of Capitol Peak, CO

Elk Range

Clark Pk

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Viewing: 1-30 of 16626