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Sheep Ridge

Getting There_Sheep Ridge

Horseshoe Mountain from Sheep Ridge

Mosquito Range Thirteeners

Ptarmigan Peak from Sheep Ridge

Ptarmigan Peak to the west of Sheep Ridge

Sheep Mountain from Sheep Ridge

Weston, Ptarmigan & Horseshoe

Cabin in Old Burn

Pygmy Forest

Surprising west slope pathway

Western Slope Route

Mt. Elbert


Sheep Mountain from the Southeast

Almost There - Nearing the Summit of Sheep Mountain F

Buffalo Peaks through the Ghost Forest

Buffalo Peaks from summit, Sheep Park in low foreground

Sheep Mountain F: Map of showing both key routes

Looking through a ghost forest toward Sheep Ridge

Ghost trio reaching for the sky

Horseshoe Mountain from just below the summit of Sheep Mountain F

Westward from the southeast ridge of Sheep Mountain F

Just a few more steps

Looking south-southeast down the summit ridge

Sheep Mtn

Sheep Mountain F from the Fourmile Valley

Map: Southeast Ridge via Brown's Pass

Sheep Mountain Sunrise

Colorado Fall Foliage

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Viewing: 1-30 of 21706