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Bison Peak 12,431 ft.

Expansive Southern Views from Overlook

Boreas Pass Highcountry from Lost Park Road

Looking northwest from the summit of UN 11,060

Northwest up South Fork of Lost Creek

UN 11,060 from Lost Park Road

Southward from just below the summit

UN 11,060 summit outcrop

South Across Lost Park

UN 11,060 summit outcrop from east

UN 11,395 & N Tarryall Peak

Bison Peak 12,431 ft. from the summit

Bring your map and compass

Mossy northwestern outcrop

Northwest Slope Route

Northwest Slope of UN 11,060

Looking northwest up Lost Park

Outcrop just below the summit

South from the summit

UN 11,060 Getting There Map

Topaz Mountain Summit

Kenosha Mountains

Kenoshas from Topaz

Kenosha Twelvers

Toward North Tarryall Peak

North along the summit

North Tarryall & Topaz

North toward North Tarryall Peak

Long winter shadows

On the summit of Topaz Mountain

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Viewing: 1-30 of 21436