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Ascending the Basin

Ascending Pt 12673, Vasquez background

Bobtail Summit Cairn

East across the basin

Getting There Map: Bobtail Benchmark

Last few steps up Pt 12673

Moonset from FS 144

North-northwest along the Continental Divide

North along the Continental Divide ridge

Northwest from the ridge

Bobtail Benchmark

Ridge guarding northeast edge of basin

South along the summit ridge

Vasquez Peak from the ridge

West from the summit

Northwest from the ridge

Ascending Pt. 12673

Bobtail Benchmark from the CD

Entering the basin

Ridge from Pt. 12673

Winter Route Map, Bobtail Benchmark

Colorado Continental Divide

Jones Pass Road from the Henderson Mine

Vasquez Peak Wilderness Trail

Robeson Peak

Robeson Peak

Alpine View, Vasquez Peak Wilderness

Hiking Engelmann Peak

Colorado Continental Divide

Unamed Ridge in the Vasquez Peak Wilderness

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Viewing: 1-30 of 20270