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Sheep Mountain

Sheep Mountain from McGraw Ranch Road

Cow Creek Trailhead

Sheep Mountain from the East Slope Route

Trail Profile of Cow Creek TH to Sheep Mountain via the East Slope Route

Saddle between Sheep Mtn and Point 8672 on the North Boundary Trail

Mummy Mountain from Sheep Mountain East Slope

Sheep Mountain Summit

East Slope of Sheep Mountain

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

West Creek Falls

The Book

Dark Mountain from Bighorn Mountain

The Black Canyon (to the left).

The Twin Owls

MacGregor Ranch

Black Canyon trail

Approaching Sundance Buttress and the Needle

Domes of Lumpy Ridge

Domes of Lumpy Ridge

Domes of Lumpy Ridge

The Book

Batman Rock

View of Lumpy from Estes Park

Climbing up the gully

Magical Chrome-Plated Pitch 2

P4 and the Origin of the Name

Pear Topo

Sundance Buttress

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Viewing: 1-30 of 14276