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Dark Sky from North Canyon

Cave Peak

Dude Peak

Emma's slide Little Cottonwood

Burro Peak

alexander walks 4 miles in City creek canyon

Little Black Mountain

Kids hiking black mountain in a wind up to 40 mph

Kids on the summit of Black Mtn

Ridge Traverse

Upper West Ridge

Hot hot hot at the summit

East Black Mtn Ridge

Black Mtn Ridge to Lookout

Routfinding issues at the crux section

Sasha is interested in a stroller at a turning point of 4 mile walk

Peter, yunona and alice hike

Kids on Black Mountain over Salt Lake City

Kids approaching Black Mt

First Hike As A Family

alexander's fruitless chase for a stroller, never unfolded for 4 miles

Sessions Mountains Highpoint

Sessions Mountains Highpoint

Sessions Mountains

On Grandview

Cottonwood Gulch

Grandview summit panorama

City Creek Meadows


City Creek colors #1

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Viewing: 1-30 of 7409