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Tufa Palisade End-On View

Bovilla Climbing Area

Lake Bovilla - Tufa Ampitheater Sector

Twist, Tufa Area

Lake View Bluffs Qua Construction Site

Elephant Construction

'Schrammelweg' - Lake View Bluffs

Lake Bovillla Tufa Palisades

Twist Tufa Ampitheater

Krug - First ascent of 'Elephant'

Putting in Elephant

Pirate Jenny

John's Idea, Lake View Bluffs

Bovilla Dam and North Pillars

Lake View Sector Topo

Bovilla Swimming Hole

Lake View Bluffs - Duro Project

Tufa Ampitheater

Bovilla Gorge Swimming Hole

Bovilla Swimming Hole Pinnacle

Bovilla Slab

Zall River Carst Formations

Lake View Bluffs - Sticky Fingers

Bovilla Limestone

Lake View Bluffs

Bovilla Gorge Entrance from West

Boulder at Bovilla Campground

Lake Bovilla with clouds over Bastarit's Pillars

3rd or Rightmost Gamtit Entrance Crag

South Bovilla Canyon - Before Destruction

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Viewing: 1-30 of 2132