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Avalanche section on Khan tengri's southern route

Bad weather on summit day

Khan Tengri's summit from BC

Make shift high camp 1 on the classic southern route of Khan Tengri

South faces of Khan Tengri and Chayaeva from base camp

The South and West Faces of Khan Tengri

Khan Tengri

Khan Tengri - 7010

Pik Pobeda/Tomur Feng seen from Khan Tengri

Mountain money

Khan Tengri - 7010 m

Khan Tengri

Khan Tengri N Face

Semyanovsky Glacier from Camp 1

Chapayev Peak (S-face) 6371 m

Khan Tengri from South

Helicopter arrives at Khan Tengri and Pik Pobeda's base camp

Pobeda & Khan Tengri's Commercial base camp

Mount Tomur.

Mount Tomur, seeing it from...

1 - Sokolov, 2003; 2 -...

Looking out over South...

Pobeda Peak - 7439 m

Pobeda's north face from base camp

Sunset over Pobeda

Pobeda Peak - 7439 m

Pobeda Peak (Jengish Chokusu) - 7439 m

Khan Tengri

Sunset over Khan Tengri's summit

Foreshortened view of Khan...

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