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View North From Dorset South Peak

View West From Dorset South Peak

View from Dorset Mountain

Dorset Peak

Trailhead Parking - Tower Road, Dorset Hollow

Peak Cannister

Dorset Tree Knobs

South Summit

Directions @ Summit Trail Intersection

Dorset Tower Rd Trail Topo

Dorset Locator Map

Cairn2 Turn Right Off Logging Road to South Peak

pitchers at the peak

Dorset South Summit View to North (The only one there is!)

Tree Knobs @ 4 Way Intersection with Summit and Snowmobile Trails

Dorset Peak Cabin Ruin

Tower Road Trail

SW Summit Dorset

Wild Columbine

This is my best friend Mindi...

This is the beautiful view...

This is the Lost Pond Shelter.

This is Griffith Lake on a...

Fall colors along Lake Brook

Stepping Stones on the Appalachian Trail

A small stream on the Old Job...

View from the summit of Cascade Mt.

Mad Tom Notch Trail Crossing

Long Trail Ale at Sunset

Sunset on Big Branch

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Viewing: 1-30 of 4098