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Marcy SE Slide from Panther Gorge

Panther Gorge-Marcy-Anorthofright

Needle on the Chimney Wall of Mt. Marcy

Panther's Pinnacle-Mt. Marcy

Marcy's Great Chimney (aka Empty Tomb) and All Ryled Up

Panther Gorge Ice Climbing - Pi Day

Marcy East Face Circumnavigation Mosaic

Marcy East Face Climbing Route

Tour of Panther Gorge 2015 Nov 21

Marcy East Face Lower Face

Marcy East Face Margin Slide Route

Wreck of the Lichen Fitzgerald

Charybdis in Panther Gorge

Panther Gorge-Rumours of War

Panther Gorge Ice Climbing - The Pride

Panther Gorge Ice Climbing - The Pride

Panther Gorge-Tail of Redemption

Panther Gorge Aerial "Map" 2014

Panther Gorge Kitten's Got Claws Route on Mt. Marcy

Panther Gorge Rock Climbing on Marcy-Kitten's Got Claws

Panther Gorge Rock Climbing - Promised Land

Marcy Trail Panorama

Panther Gorge Ice-By Tooth and Claw

MudRat leads John 3:16 on Mt. Haystack.

All Things Holy

Looking down from John 3:16.

Crux of John 3:16.

Gully of the V Wall, Haystack.

Haystack Ice on the V Wall

Panther Gorge Cat on a Wet Tin Roof

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Viewing: 1-30 of 2308