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Monte Sillara summit cairn

A small stones' chapel on Monte Sillara

Monte Sillara summit

Monte Sillara summit cross

Rocca Pianaccia seen from Sillara summit

Monte Sillara summit ridge

Sillara Lakes in winter time

Sillara twins lakes (Laghi Sillara)

A winter image of Emilia and Tuscany border ridge seen from Monte Sillara

High Parmese Apennines border ridge

Monte Sillara summit ridge

The high heaths towards Monte Sillara

Monte Sillara and Monte Paitino summit ridge

Rocca Pianaccia and Monte Sillara from Paitino Pass

Clouds' winter plays (Appennino Parmense)

Paitini Pass

View from Paitino

The little Glass Lake (Lago Bicchiere)

Crossing Monte Pumaciolo West slopes

The enchanted wood, Pumacioletto

The ascent to Rocca Pumaciolo

Pumaciolo Sillara winter circuit - Rising toward Pumacioletto

From Rocca Pumaciolo view on Twin Lakes (Laghi Gemini)

Pumaciolo Sillara winter circuit - A high col over Dark Lake's huts

Sillara Circuit - Walking near the Snow's Great Hole

Capanne del Lago Scuro (Dark Lake shelters) and Monte Scala

Paitini Pass

Monte Matto final ridge

Ice-blades on Rocca Pumacioletto summit cross

Dark Lake (Lago Scuro)

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Viewing: 1-30 of 855