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Appennino Parmense Orientale - View from Passo Paitini

After the storm

Monte Scala North-West Gully - The crux pitch

Over the clouds (The fellowship of the Ring!) :D

Monte Scala North-West Face from Monte Roccabiasca

A winter sunset on Monte Scala North West Face

M. Roccabiasca and Pradaccio Lake

The Lower Twin Lake (Lago Gemio Inferiore)

Appennino Parmense - Beeches' wood near Twin Lakes

Upper Twin Lake (Lago Gemio Superiore)

The lower Twin Lake (Lago Gemio Inferiore)

Dark Lake (Lago Scuro)

Pumaciolo Sillara winter circuit: a nice message by an unknown author

Lower Twin Lake (Lago Gemio Inferiore)

A huge frozen cross on Monte Marmagna

A Mary's statue on Monte Marmagna

Marks of the ancient glacier around Upper Twin Lake

Appennino Parmense Orientale - View from NE

Paitini Pass

Pumaciolo Sillara winter circuit - A high col over Dark Lake's huts

Sillara Circuit - Walking near the Snow's Great Hole

Capanne del Lago Scuro (Dark Lake shelters) and Monte Scala

Monte Matto final ridge

The little Glass Lake (Lago Bicchiere)

Ice-blades on Rocca Pumacioletto summit cross

Clouds' winter plays (Appennino Parmense)

Paitini Pass

View from Paitino

Pumaciolo Sillara winter circuit - Rising toward Pumacioletto

From Rocca Pumaciolo view on Twin Lakes (Laghi Gemini)

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