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Bunsen Peak Bighorn

Bunsen Peak

Bunsen Peak Summit Register

Signing the register at summit

Southern Gallatins from Bunsen

Southern Gallatins from Bunsen

Bunsen Peak from Glen Creek Trailhead

Bunsen Peak Burn Area

Clark's Nutcracker on Bunsen

Bunsen Peak Trail

Bunsen Tree

Mount Holmes and Antler Peak from Bunsen Summit

Bunsen from Sepulcher

View from Bunsen Peak Summit

Bunsen Peak from the North

Bunsen Peak Summit

Buttress on west side of Bunsen

Rain a-comin', Bunsen Peak

Forrest with the Gallatin Range in the distance

Bull Elk in Yellowstone

Electric Peak from the Fawn Pass Trail

Sepulcher from the Fawn Pass Trail

Bull Elk in Velvet

New Blue Spring

Plane flying into the sun, Blacktail Plateau, Yellowstone National Park

Cutoff Mountain seen from the air-Yellowstone National Park

Forrest taking a break to snap some pics, high on Sepulcher mountain in the winter-Yellowstone National Park

Bunsen Peak, December 17, 2012-Yellowstone National Park

Bison beneath the Mammoth Terraces-Yellowstone National Park

Mammoth Terraces with Mount Everts in the background-Yellowstone National Park

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Viewing: 1-30 of 3465