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Summit of Bear Pete Mountain

Near the source of the north fork Pete Creek

South from the summit

Unnamed Lake on Bear Pete

South Ridge of Bear Pete Mountain

Southeast from Bear Pete Mountain

Remains of Summit Lookout

Remains of the Lookout Cabin

Nearing the Summit, South Ridge

Small Lake, South Fork Pete Creek

Northeast Aspect of Bear Pete

The View to the Northeast

Lick Creek Mountains

View Southwest

The View West

Northeast Cliffs

Titus-Bromaghin Bowl

Lava Ridge

Bruin Mountain

The North and South Peaks of Bruin Mountain

Bruin Mountain, south and Upper Hazard Lake

North Face of Bruin Mountain North

West Side of the North Ridge

The Summit Ridge, Bruin Mt. North

South Promontory, Bruin Mountain South

View North from Bruin Mountain, North

Upper Hazard Lake Trail

North Peak of Bruin Mountain

Bruin Mountain, North from Fisher Saddle

East Ridge of Bruin Mountain, South

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Viewing: 1-30 of 2655