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Mount Jefferson Above the Clouds

Alpenglow on the Upper Section of Mount Hood

Mount Hood in Winters Splendor

Mount Hood's South Side

The Hogs Back from Timberline

Sunset from the Parking lot

Wind Blown Snow during Morning

Evening View Above the Clouds

Mount Hood during Evening

Gimpilator Hiking in the Morning

Gimpilator Hiking during Sunrise

Ridges to the South

Michael Hiking towards Illumination Rock

Sunrise on Mount Hood

Morning Light on Mount Hood

Moment of Perfection

Sitting in the Snow Cave

Blue Ridges to the South

Approaching the Triangle Moraine

Gimpilator on the Snowfield

Michael with Illumination Rock

Our Snow Cave on the Ridge

Sunset with Illumination Rock

Alpenglow from our Snow Cave

Sunset from our Camp

Illumination Rock during Evening

Looking Down what we Climbed

West Face of Mount Hood

Mount Hood Shadow

Michael on the way up the Leuthold Couloir

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Viewing: 1-30 of 6844