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From the neighbourhood of Bertone Hut...

Aiguille Noire du Peuterey

Enter to Val Sapin

Mont Blanc and Mont Chetif

Val Sapin with Monte berrio Blanc at background

A moment of rest on the shoulder of Mont de la Saxe, just in front of Mont Chetif

The Giants are rising

Mont Blanc - Italian side 2010

A week D-1 Courmayeur to Poet Giosué Carducci 2015

Societa Guide Alpine - Courmayeur

Courmayeur to Giuseppe Petigax & Emile Rey 2015

Guglia di Chambave reflection

Clouds are coming from Switzerland

One-week D-1 Dedicated to Cormayeur Guides 2015

Alp/3 Dedicated to Mario Puchoz 1954 K2 Exp. 2015

Alpine ... 3 Dedicated to Guide Alessio Fenoillet 2015

(Valdigne) / D-1 Courmayeur St. Pantaleon Church 2015

(Valdigne) / D-1 Courmayeur St. Pantaleon Church 2015

A week D-1 Dedicated to 1901 Artic Expedition 2015

Alp 3 Dedicated to 1977 Annapurna Henry Guide 2015

Dedicated to Cesare Chenoz 1912 Himalaya Exp. 2015

Courmayeur (Valdigne) Abbot Joseph Marie Henry 2015

View toward Grandes Jorasses

CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (The Crystal Hunters First Part

Aiguille des Glaciers and Tre la Tete

A week D-1 Dedicated to Glarey & Pennard Guides 2015

(Valdigne) / D-1 Dolonne Hamlet 2015

Western Val Sapin Wandering on Mont de la Saxe 2002

(Valdigne) / D-1 Dolonne Hamlet old wheelbarrow 2015

Horses in perfect scenery

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