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Intermediate part of the "Chemin des Chevaux"

Grand Combin 4314m seen during the Tour of Pointe de Drône

Mont Velan (3734m) from the Tour de la Pointe de Drone

Grand Combin 4314 m and Mont Velan 3734m

Heading up the cable route

October 2001 Lac de Fenêtre

October 2001 Lac de Fenêtre

Dream vision: lac de Fenêtre
and Mont Blanc chain in the background

Looking towards Pointe de Drône
from Col des Chevaux 2716m

Pointe des Lancerandes 2776m
from Col des Chevaux 2716m

View towards Pain de Sucre 2919 m from the vicinity of St. Bernhard Pass

From the summit of Mont Fourchon (2902m)
view of Tête de Fenêtre and Pointe de Drône

On the shore of Grand Lè...

October 2001 Grand Golliat

View from the summit of Tête Fenêtre de Ferret (2823 m)

Gran San Bernardo Pass seen from Tête Fenêtre de Ferret (2823m)

Fenêtre de Ferret 2698m

Pathway to Col Fenêtre de Ferret 2698 m

Hand-made map of the area
around Pointe de Drône and its routes

In view of Col Fenêtre de Ferret (2698m)

Lac de Fenetre in late winter

Grand Golliaz (3238m) from the neighbourhood of lacs de Fenêtre

Sheep encountered along the pathway to Col du Bastillon (2757m)

The Pointe de Drône (2950m)...

Pointe de Drone. East ridge...

On the Summit of Pointe de...

Lacs de Fenêtre seen from Tête de Fenêtre 2823m

Pass road to Gd. St Bernhard,...

Point de Drône seen from Tête de Fenêtre

On the ferrata to the Pointe...

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