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Green Mountain

Green Mountain Summit

Gate At Green Mountain

Green Mountain

Green Mountain Road

Green Mountain Road

Thick Bushwhack

Green Mountain Road

Bracken Slope To Summit

Lakeview Peak

Lakeview Peak

Important Road Intersection

Lakeview Peak Summit

Lakeview Peak Summit Cairn

Lakeview Peak Gate

Lakeview Peak North Summit

Lakeview Peak South Summit

Lakeview Peak

Rim Hike from Summit

The 3 peaks of Mt. Mitchell

The summit with St. Helens in the background

Mount Mitchell seen from the...

Mt. Mitchell summit (left) and middle and West peaks

A nice crack on the SW side of summit crags

Looking down the west side from the summit

West and Middle summits from the true summit

Mt. Mitchell from Swift Reservoir

The middle and western summits from the main summit

Mt. Mitchell from the north

Summit from beargrass meadow just below

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Viewing: 1-30 of 7198