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Matterhorn North Face


Arben Bivouac

Ober Gabelhorn South Face

Ober Gabelhorn South Face

Ober Gabelhorn South Face

Ober Gabelhorn South Face - route overview

Ober Gabelhorn South Face

Obergabelhorn group

Obergabelhorn - Mettelhorn

Obergabelhorn, Wellenkuppe

On the Ober Gabelhorn...

The Obergabelhorn in evening pink

Evening alpenglow on Wellenkuppe (3903m) and Obergabelhorn (4063m)

The very first rays of morning glow on the top of Obergabelhorn

A wonderful spot to spend the morning!

The first early morning sunlight hits the Obergabelhorn

Obergabelhorn with it's ice wall in the evening glow

Daylight close-up upon the Obergabelhorn with it's impressive ice wall

Obergabelhorn in early morning light

The first sunlight hits the ice north wall of Obergabelhorn

The ice wall (north face) of Obergabelhorn in sunrise glow

The Ober Gabelhorn from the south

B&W Mountain Photo

Ober Gabelhorn 4063m, Wellenkuppe 3909m, Zinalrothorn 4221m


Ober Gabelhorn ENE-ridge

Ober Gabelhorn Le Coeur

Wellenkuppe and Obergabelhorn before sunrise

Dom 4545m and Täschhorn 4491m

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