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Mattertal and Täsch



Pointe Sud de Moming

Zinalrothorn group



Evening alpenglow on Glacier du Mountet and Zinalrothorn (4221m)

Zinalrothorn seen from north west

Zinalrothorn in sunset glow

Zinalrothorn, 4221 m, seen from the north

Zinalrothorn North Ridge

Evening close-up upon Zinalrothorn from the south west

Early morning shot of Zinalrothorn

The west wall of Zinalrothorn showing from behind the La Forcle col

Zinalrothorn seen from the north

Cervin - Rothhorn - Dent Blanche

Zinalrothorn at sunset : elf...

Zinalrothorn shoulder....

Snowfield towards the...

Zinalrothorn NW side. 07/2005

Snowfield towards the...

Snowridge towards the...

The Corridor towards the...

The upper section of the...

Beginning of the ridge (...

Beginning of the "Binner...

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Viewing: 1-30 of 39510