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The steep N-face of the...

Brunegghorn bar july 2004

Brunegghorn from south east ...

Perspective plays tricks on...


You look from the P.3549 of...

Weisshorn, Bishorn...



view from the summit of the...

Barrhorns in the north of...

Weisshorn, Brunegghorn,...

Brunegghorn N face

Brunegghorn bar from south...

Brunegghorn E side (08/02/04)


Brunegghorn NE ridge

Brunegghorn NE side. July 2004

Brunegghorn NE side

Map of Brunegghorn region

Hörnli Hut 3260m

Rothorn Hut 3198m

Üssers Barrhorn summit panorama

Brunegghorn (3833m) and Schöllihorn (3500m)

Looking down on the Undere Stelligletscher from the summit of Üssers Barrhorn

Üssers Barrhorn summit cross, with the Bishorn NE face in the background

Üssers Barrhorn summit view to a nearby subsidiary to the north

Panoramic view to the southeast from the summit of Üssers Barrhorn

Bishorn (4153m) from the summit of Üssers Barrhorn

Zooming in on the Brunegghorn north face and NE ridge from the summit of Üssers Barrhorn

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Viewing: 1-30 of 38247