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Bogatin from Mahavšček

Across the S slopes of Mahavscek

Triglav from Lanzevica

Mahavšček (Veliki Bogatin) from ridge

Za Lepocami ruins and Velika Montura

On Dobrenjscica alpine meadow

Kuk from above Smrecje

By the rocks of Mahavscek

Za Lepocami

Za Lepocami barracks

Morning on Prehodci pass

Komna high plateau

Evening on Prehodci pass

Velika Baba from the summit of Velika Montura

Prehodci pass from Velika Montura

Triglav from Velika Montura

Lepa Komna

Triglav and Lanzevica

Karst on Velika Montura

Krn and Krn lake from the summit of Velika Montura

Below Predolina

Krn massif from the summit of Velika Montura

Bogatin and Mahavscek

A self-made map of Komna...

Carst formations on Zgornja Komna

On the ridge north of Lanzevica

Skiing down from Lanzevica

Ascending Lanzevica over Lepa Komna

On the Komna plateau, while...

Another masterpiece of Nature...

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Viewing: 1-30 of 21992