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Creta di Timau / Hocheck

Monte Dimon NW view

Monte Coglians / Hohe Warte from Monte Dimon

Monte Dimon east view

Monte Paularo from Monte Dimon

Cuestalta / Hoher Trieb from Monte Dimon

Monte Paularo from Monte Dimon

Creta di Aip / Trogkofel

Hochwipfel from the SW

On Monte Neddis

Creta Grauzaria and Monte Sernio from the SE ridge of Monte Dimon

Below Monte Neddis

Skiing from Monte Dimon

The view from the SE ridge of Monte Dimon

Towards Monte Dimon from the SE

Monte Zermula from the SW

Lienz Dolomites from Hoher Trieb / Cuestalta

Hohe Warte / Monte Coglians from Hoher Trieb / Cuestalta

The eastern views of Hoher Trieb / Cuestalta

At Castello Valdaier

Hoher Trieb / Cuestalta summit

Hoher Trieb / Cuestalta

On Kleiner Trieb / Punta Medatte

Hoher Trieb / Cuestalta

On the way up on Hoher Trieb

The scenery below Hoher Trieb / Cuestalta


Findenigkofel / Monte Lodin summit


Findenigkofel / Monte Lodin east view

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Viewing: 1-30 of 26384