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Hochschijen from the southwest

Hochschijen South Ridge

Hochschijen South Ridge crux pitch

Hochschijen, main features

Bergsee and the Bergseehütte.

Fred leading the summit...

Hochschijen Topo

Bas descending from the first...

Myself at the start of the...

The loose middle section of...

Tonis Lust sixth pitch, Bergseeschjien

Tonis Lust ending corner, Bergseeschjien


Climbing on Bergseeschijen

Goscheneralp Lake

Tonis Lust first pitches' slabs, Bergseeschjien

Bergsee Hut

Bergseeschjien summit cross and Schijenstock

Hochschijen skyline

Schijenstock SE Wall

Bergseeschijen summit cross and summit-box

Bergsee Hutte

SE-Face (West-ridge first tower)

Mark at the summit of the first tower

Salbitschijen West-ridge

View at the second tower

1000 meter deep view

Climbing the SE-face route

SE-Face (West-ridge first tower)

Bergsee hut with Dammastock

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Viewing: 1-30 of 39181