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On the road to Similaun

Similaun north face 1984

Similaun north face 1990

Sunrise at Niedertal

Similaun north face 2009

Brizzisee and Saykogel

Talleitspitze from Kreuzspitze

Kreuzkogel, Sennkogel, Saykogel, Hauslabkogel and Finailspitze from Kreuzspitze

Hauslabkogel, Saykogel and Finailspitze from Kreuzspitze

Wildspitze from Kreuzspitze

View from Kreuzspitze

Summit of Kreuzspitze

At the summit of Kreuzspitze

Talleitspitze and Wildspitze




Martin-Busch-Hütte from Kreuzspitze

Martin Busch Hütte

Annotated view up Schalfbach valley

View up the Schalfbach valley

Auf den Sömen


The summit of the Kreuzspitze

Martin-Busch Haus Sunrise

Me on Kreuzspitze in August 1992

Martin-Busch-Huette (July 04,...

The last meters to the Cross...

Kreuzspitze normal route, as...

Plaque on the cross

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Viewing: 1-30 of 26522