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all Seelenkoegel

view from Eiskoegele

On the Seelenglacier

Hangerer summit panorama

Annotated Hangerer summit panorama

On the North ridge

In the Northwest flank

View from the summit

summit from NW

downhill on Planferner glacier

On the South-ridge of the Hangerer

Panoramic view towards Schalfkogel from high on Hangerer

Arrange a Rope

On the way to Langtalereckhütte

Learning to tie some knots

Rubble on the east ridge of the Rotmooskogel

Rotmooskogel (3338m)

Learning to prusik under a bridge

The group under a glacier

The Planferner north east of the Hinterer Seelenkogel

Looking down 2 km

Steel cable on the normal ascent of the Hinterer Seelenkogel

Roped up on the Hinterer Seelenkogel

Scrambling on the Hinterer Seelenkogel

Hinterer Seelenkogel summit cross

The Hinterer Seelenkogel

On the border

Crossing the Planferner



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Viewing: 1-30 of 26674