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Coming home ...

Grosses Seehorn and Grosslitzner

Sundown over Ochsental

Dreiländerspitze under sun and clouds

Deep blue ...

Window to the outside


Silvretta Panorama

Schematic Map of the Silvretta Group

They serve a generous cup of coffee in the Wiesbadener Hütte

Silvrettahorn, Schneeglocke and Schattenspitze just before dawn

Wiesbadener Grätle and Piz Buin pre-dawn.

Wiesbadener Hütte (2445m)

Forget-me-not flowers deep in the Ochsental

At the edge of the Jamtal Ferner, with the Vordere Jamtalspitze dead ahear

Sign post at the trail junction just south of the Wiesbadener Hütte

Jannie and Hermann returning to the Wiesbadener Hütte

Morning light on Silvrettahorn, Schneeglocke and Schattenspitze

On our way to the Ochsentaler Glacier.

Silvrettahorn (3244m) from the east

Paul against the backdrop of the Ochsental Glacier

Wiesbadener Grätle from the north

Jannie crossing a snow field, high up in the Ochsental

Jannie on a snow field high in the Ochsental

A melt water lake high in the Ochsental, mirroring the Schattenspitze (3202m)

The snout of the Ochsental Glacier

Dreiländerspitze (3197m) from the northwest

Hohes Rad (2934m) from the south

It's freezing here!

Silvretta panorama, early in the morning

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