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View into Liechtenstein from the summit of Naafkopf

Grauspitz from the summit of Naafkopf

Naafkopf summit cross

View north from high on the NE ridge on Naafkopf


Glegghorn on Liechtenstein Trip

Panorama towards the Schesaplana group from high on Naafkopf

Grauspitz in Liechtenstein

Sunset over Rätikon

The Liechtenstein-Austrian border. Can you spot the refuge?


Plasteikopf from Ijesfürggli

Naafkopf from Ijesfürggli

FL and ÖS junction

The Pfälzerhütte, with the Augstenberg in the clouds and Gorvion on the right

The highest mountains of Liechtenstein

Naafkopf, with its prominent cliffs on the NW side

Naafkopf from the Pfälzerhütte


Grauspitze northface

Looking down on the Pfälzerhütte

Three countries

The southeastern corner of Liechtenstein in the clouds

View down to Ijes Farm

Ridge from Naafkopf


Naafkopf from high on Schwarzhorn

Ridge and Grauspitz

Hintergrauspitz NEE view

Route to Grauspitz

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Viewing: 1-30 of 21124