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Krabach valley and Fanggekarspitze (2640m)

Rhododendrons above the Rauhekopfscharte-Stuttgart hut trail

In Tyrol, looking back to the Rauhekopfscharte

The Krabachtal valley

Approaching the Stuttgart hut from the Rauhekopfscharte

View down the Krabachtal valley to the Allgäu Alps

The Krabachtal valley

The Kuglaspitze (2684m) in the fantastically clear afternoon light

On the path to the Stuttgart hut, Mädelegabel in the distance

The Stuttgart hut

On the path to the Stuttgart hut, looking at the Kuglaspitze

The Stuttgart hut

The Trittkopf (2722 metres), seen from the Stuttgart hut

Ruefispitze circuit

Ruefispitze circuit

A close-up photo of the south side of the Rüfispitze, taken from the Stuttgart hut

The "amphitheater" of the Rüfispitze's south wall

View back into Vorarlberg (west) from the Stuttgart hut

The mountains in the vicinity of the Stuttgart hut

The Rüfispitze seen from the Stuttgart hut

View from the trail leading from the Stuttgart hut down to Zürs

Another photo of the "amphitheater" of the south wall of the Rüfispitze

Johanneskopf (2573m) and Hochlicht (2600m) in the Lechquellengebirge...

On Rauhekopfscharte col (2415m)

A bush of alpine rhododendrons amidst the rock

Ruefispitze circuit

Ruefispitze circuit

Pazüelfernerspitze (2712m) and Trittkopf (2720m)

The Kuglaspitze (2684m)

Signpost on the Rauhekopfscharte

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