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The Wösterspitzen (2559 metres)

Another photo of the Wösterspitze (2558m)

The North side of the Rüfispitze (2632 metres)

Wösterspitze (2558m)

The Wösterspitze (2558m) with the Allgäu Alps behind

Going up the Rüfispitze (2632 metres)

Lake Monzabon

Rauher Kopf (2520m) and the Rüfispitze arête

At Lake Monzabon

Lake Monzabon with Patteriol (3056m) and Kaltenberg (2896m)

Hikes around Lech am Arlberg

Lake Monzabonsee under the clouds

Rüfispitze and the Monzabon lake

The Rüfispitze (2632m)

The Arlberg area, with Patteriol (3056m) and Kaltenberg (2896m)

The Rüfispitze seen from the Rüfikopf

Close-up on the Allgäu Alps

View towards the south from the Rüfikopf

The "crux" on the Rüfispitze, right at the beginning of the rock-and-scree section

Going up the Rüfispitze (2632 metres)

Going up the Rüfispitze (2632 metres)

View to the Lechquellengebirge from the Rüfikopf (2362m)

Rüfispitze (2632m)...

Ruefispitze circuit

View to the Allgäu Alps from the path up Rüfispitze

Beautiful cottongrass (Eriophorum) below Rauher Kopf (2520m)

Wösterspitze and Allgäu Alps

The rocky upper part of the Rüfispitze trail

A limestone rock full of megalodus fossils

View to the Allgäu Alps

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