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View from the Untersberg to the Dachstein in the east

Sunset over the fog covering upper Bavaria

On Untersberg in February...

The Dachstein group

View over the inversion cloud

At about 7 a.m. in February...

Here's some snow!...

Above-the-clouds scenery on the Untersberg, with animal tracks in the snow

Sunset over the fog

View down the east slope of Geiereck

The first rays of sunlight

Another evening view over the sea of cloud covering Bavaria

Tennengebirge, Hoher Göll and fog over the Salzach valley and Berchtesgaden

One of the "climbers delights" on the Untersberg

Steep view down the Untersberg

The first rays of sun hit the Salzburger Hochthron

On top of the Salzburger Hochthron, just after sunrise

Winter intimacy above the clouds

Zwiesel and Hochstaufen jutting out of the inversion cloud

The first rays of sunlight hit the Salzburger Hochthron

Winter on the Untersberg above the clouds

The fog building in on the northern slope of the Untersberg

On Untersberg in winter

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Early morning view from the Geiereck (1805m)

At the crack of dawn...

"Sundog" above Hochalm on the Untersberg

Deep snow in April on the Untersberg

Tennengebirge, Hoher Göll and Steinernes Meer rising above an early morning sea of cloud

Tennengebirge and Hoher Göll almost engulfed

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Viewing: 1-30 of 19134