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RO/UA border summit of Hnitessa

Unforgettable camping at the top of Hnitessa summit

The traverse of RO/UA border

Autumn panorama of Rodnei Mountains

Beyond Map & Time

Border summit of Ignăteasa/Hnitessa

Hnitessa/Ignăteasa ridge (1766m)

The crag of Hnitessa summit

Silhouette of Hnitessa cliff

Solitary cliff

The sentimental crag of Hnitessa peak

A dream of a hiker

My Route - East to West

Piatra Baltagului

The lesser spotted eagle
(Aquila pomarina)

Jupania summit (1853m)

Border corridor and Koman summit (1724m)

five domes in the background

Reminder of bygone times

Piciorul Caprei massif (1804m)


Cearcănu massif (1846m)

roe deer

Toroiaga summit (1930m)

Toroiaga group (1930m)

Murgu summit (1880m)

ucere din Română în EnglezăAfişaţi romanizarea view top Toroiaga

For the lazy ones


water effect in Rodnei mountains

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Viewing: 1-30 of 722