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Nockstein (1043 m) in autumn

The Nockstein (1043m) above Salzburg

On top of the Nockstein in the evening

On Nockstein (1043m)

The Nockstein (1043m)

The Nockstein (1043m) in evening sunlight

Sunrise fire over the Osterhorn group

View to the Dachstein at sunrise

Sunrise above the inversion cloud

Late afternoon view upon the Gaisberg (1283m) above Salzburg

Snow and sunset colors on the Gaisberg (1283m) above Salzburg

Evening shot of the Gaisberg above Salzburg

The Gaisberg (1283m), the other "Hausberg" of Salzburg

The Gaisberg (1283m) in snow

The Untersberg at sunrise

View from the Gaisberg in autumn

The Osterhorn mountains in December

The Osterhorn group (Salzburger Land) in winter

Grass, fog and mountains...

The Berchtesgaden Alps at sunrise

Tennengebirge and Hoher Göll at dawn

Watzmann seen at sunrise

On top of Gaisberg in Mid-November

Winter view from the Gaisberg

Watzmann, Hochkalter and Untersberg in sunrise glow

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Moon above the trees

The Berchtesgaden Alps above the pine trees in winter

The Untersberg seen 15 minutes before sunrise

Autumn view from Gersberg above Salzburg...

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