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Chyvchyn summit (1767m)

a view of Pietrosu Bardăului summit (1850m)

Chyvchyn massif (1765m)

The cliffs of Şuligu (1688m)

RO/UA Forbidden Zone

Autumn sunrise

Common crossbill - male
(Loxia curvirostra)

The common crossbill - female
(Loxia curvirostra)

Autumn panorama

wooden shelter under Ledyeskul/Ledescu summit

roe deer

Autumn mood

Pietrosu Bardăului (1850m)

Hryniava mountains

Reminder of bygone times

Female capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus)

Stih/Stogu (1650m) on the horizon

Wooden shelter of frontier guards

Border corridor and Koman summit (1724m)

Toroiaga summit (1930m)

Toroiaga group (1930m)

Piatra Baltagului

E Carpathian T-junction, 1938

Murgu summit (1880m)

The top of Stih/Stogu

Former triplex of Stih summit

Historic border post on the top of Stih/Stogu summit

Piciorul Caprei massif (1804m)

Mihailecu massif (1918m)

Silhouette of Hnitessa cliff

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