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A stone's throw from the Farcău summit

Mihailecu - Farcău massif

Mihailecu summit and Vinderel lake

Legendary Vinderel lake


Lake Vinderel and Farcău peak (1957m)

Mica Mare (1815m)

Mihailecu massif (1918m)

Signpost in the border zone

Historic border post on the top of Stih/Stogu summit

The top of Stih/Stogu

Former triplex of Stih summit

E Carpathian T-junction, 1938

Stih/Stogu (1650m) on the horizon

Wooden shelter of frontier guards

Specific microclimate

IV.glacial cirque of Pop Ivan

III.glacial cirque of Pop Ivan

Divine tranquility

Craggy ridge in the morning

Narrow-leaved narcissus
(Narcissus radiiflorus)

Blossoming paradise

The massif of Pop Ivan (1938m)

His majesty Pop Ivan massif

I.glacial cirque of Pop Ivan peak

Spring and winter close by

Patches of snow in summer

Glacial cirque of Pip Ivan Maramoroskyi

Sunrise with Petros Maramoroskyi (1780m)

Petros peak (1780m)

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Viewing: 1-30 of 671