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bull moose near Ptarmigan Lake

Ptarmigan Lake

notch north of Ptarmigan Tunnel

north of Ptarmigan Tunnel

Looking North from Ptarmigan Tunnel

Ptarmigan Tunnel to Redgap Pass Route - Part 1

Crowfeet Mountain to the East

north of Ptarmigan Tunnel

Chief Mountain from Crowfeet Mountain

Old Sun Glaicer is melting

Mount Merritt and Old Sun Glacier

Kennedy Creek Valley

looking west from Crowfeet Mountain

northern ridge of Crowfeet Mountain

Sometimes on top it's good to...

From the saddle just south of...

Good view of the saddle...

Looking south, coming down...

Crowfeet Mountain, from Mount...

Crowfeet Mountain, from the...

Crowfeet Mountain, west flank

Crowfeet Mountain, final cliff band

Crowfeet Mountain, south ridge

Crowfeet Mountain, south ridge

cirque bearing Iceberg Lake

Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail

Kennedy Lake

2,000 feet down to Kennedy Lake

Mount Merritt & Old Sun Glacier

from the notch

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Viewing: 1-30 of 2372