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Game of the lights

Long tarn and Polish saddle

Tatra mountains from the South

Springtime at Staskovce

Tatry summer 07

Slavkovsky stit from Mala Studena valley

Kvetnicova veza

Burial Job

Bieszczady polonynas from North

Mount Cergowa from Zawadka

Czorsztyn fortress

High Tatras from Jurgow

Lisia Gora forest

View from the way to Slavkovsky-stit

Eastern routes to Gerlachfalvi

Slavkovsky from Lomnica

Synevir lake


Tylawa village

Almost on the top

Chamois family

Gerlachovsky stit seen from Nos

Gerlachovský štít - 2655 m - winter 2016

180° summit panorama from Gerlachovský štit

Vysoká (2547m) from Gerlachovský štit

Gerlachovský štit summit view, spanning from west to northwest

Slavkovský štit (2452m) from Gerlachovský štit

Pyšný štit (2621m) and Lomnický štit (2634m) from Gerlachovský štit

90° summit panorama from Gerlachovský štit, spanning from north to east

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Viewing: 1-30 of 5053